Hybrid sytem
The Nanni hybrid propulsion system is available. Besides the gain in terms of environmental protection, this system allows to navigate comfortably while saving money in electric mode. With a long autonomy and an easy control of electric and diesel modes with a single control box.
Engines User manuals
User Manuals
User manual for our engines are available on our public web site www.nannidiesel.com.

User manual for the following engines are available:

Kubota base : N2.10, N2.14, N3.21, N3.30, N4.38, N4.40, N4.50, N4.60, N4.85, N4.100 & N4.115.
Toyota base : T4.165, T4.180, T4.200, T6.300 & 6.420TDI.
VM base : H4.115, H4.130, H4.150, H4.170, V6.180, V6.200, V6.270, V6.320 & V6.350.

If you need a user manual for an older engine, please contac us.
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